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Stork Quarterly - Summer 2015


Stork Quarterly
Summer 2015
As a valued customer of Stork Insurance we want to provide you with a seasonal insurance update, which will highlight key insurance issues and provide insight into different coverage options. 
It's Boating Season!

10 Tips to Get You Ready for Boating Season


Summer is almost here in the Finger Lakes Region and it's time to think about getting your boat out on the water.


Actually, first things first: It's time to think about getting your boat ready to get out on the water. From the engine and propeller down to your trailer, a little preparation as you get your boat out of winter storage can help you start off the season right - and get the most out of your time on board.


Here are 10 tips from Discover Boating to get you started:


  1. Check your safety gear. Do you have enough life jackets? Are they in good shape? What about onboard fire extinguishers? Are your navigation lights working?

  2. Consider adding safety items. Should disaster strike, an emergency position indicating radio beacon can help rescuers find you and your boat. And, if you have an enclosed space on the boat, you should have a carbon-monoxide detector.

  3. Examine your fuel system. Any leaks or damage should be addressed immediately.

  4. Look at all belts, hoses and cables. Those that appear brittle or cracked most likely need to be replaced.

  5. Check fluid levels, such as engine oil. Change or add as needed.

  6. Have your battery and electrical system checked. Look for corrosion on your electrical connections.

  7. Make sure your propeller isn't banged up. Dings and distortion can cause vibration, as well as damage your drive train.

  8. Look at the hull for blisters and cracks. Repair or patch damage, and make sure to use an environmentally safe solution when washing the exterior and interior.

  9. Don't forget the trailer. Treat your trailer with as much care as you show your boat. Inspect the hubs occasionally, and check your lights before every trip. If you go boating in salt water, give the trailer a very good rinse afterward.

  10. Don't forget insurance, either! It's a good idea to check your coverage as you head into boating season, too. Just give us a call here at Stork Insurance and we can help you with a quick insurance review.


There's nothing quite like a sunny - and safe - day out on the lake. We'll see you out there!

  (Content provided by Safeco Insurance and Discover

Identity Fraud Protection

We all have the best intentions of protecting our personal information from identity thieves by checking our credit reports, shredding private documents, etc. However, in our busy lives there is the potential for a lapse in identity protection vigilance.


To help us reduce our risk, IDT911 has come up with 5 easy steps for identity protection:

  1. Shred it.
  2. Guard it.
  3. Lock it up.
  4. Check your credit reports early and often.
  5. Keep your Social Security number to yourself.


To learn more about Identity Theft Insurance, visit:


Watch the attached video to hear from a victim and how she was able to successfully recover her identity. Don't Be a Victim: Indentity Fraud Protection



(Content provide by IDT911, Central Insurance and Stork Insurance)


Do I Need A Personal Umbrella Policy?

You purchase insurance for your home, automobile, and personal belongings, but have you considered a personal umbrella policy?


A personal umbrella policy is a smart option to complete your insurance portfolio. Simply stated, an umbrella policy protects you in the event of unforeseen claims or law suits filed against you.    


Here is a video from Central Insurance that helps to explain the importance of an umbrella policy.


Why Do I Need A Personal Umbrella?



Umbrella coverage can protect your financial assets by: 

  • Providing an extra layer of coverage over your other insurance policies
  • Filling in liability gaps not covered by your other policies such as automobile and homeowners
  • Paying defense costs if a suit is filed against you
  • Providing personal injury insurance


An umbrella policy is a surprisingly affordable investment that provides you peace of mind against excessive claims. A low annual premium is a small price to pay to protect your financial future.


To learn more contact Stork Insurance or visit:


(Content courtesy of Hanover Insurance and Central Insurance) 

How to Protect Your Most Cherished Possessions.


If you're like most people, there are certain items you own that you can't imagine ever losing-possessions you deeply cherish or those that would be impossible to replace due to the cost of re-purchasing them or simply because they're irreplaceable.


While your homeowners insurance is invaluable for covering the loss or destruction of many of your belongings (as well as damage to your home's structure), your policy might provide only partial coverage for your most cherished items.


The good news is that you can still protect the things that matter to you most, even if they're not fully covered under your homeowners, with a scheduled personal property endorsement that is tailored to meet your specific needs.


Not an easy name, but it can help you sleep better at night

A scheduled personal property endorsement is not something that everyone talks about, but we can help you determine if it would be a good fit for you. The first step begins with you. Look around your home and make a list of your cherished possessions. Be sure to consider the following:

  • Jewelry

  • Antiques

  • Art

  • Collections

  • Musical instruments

  • Silverware/China

  • Autographed items

  • Rare or one-of-a-kind items


Once you have taken an inventory, make the time to talk with us. We are always here to help you determine whether if your prized possessions need more coverage than your current policy provides.



(Content courtesy of Safeco Insurance) 

We at Stork Insurance want to thank you for your continued good business. Please don't hesitate to contact our office to discuss any of the topics listed above or to ask any other question that you may have. We are here to help.
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